SixInt CautiousConnect IPv6 Blocklist

Connect your enterprise to the IPv6 Internet without opening new doors to attacks. CautiousConnect enables organizations to cautiously connect to the IPv6 Internet by only permitting traffic to/from known legitimate sources using our proprietary SixInt intelligence.

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How SixInt makes a difference in your business

SixInt isn’t just another cybersecurity firm tacking on half-baked support for IPv6 – IPv6 is in our DNA! Our tools are the product of nearly a decade of basic research, core patents and intellectual property, and a deep understanding of IPv6. SixInt’s distributed measurement platform collects billions of data points each day to untangle the complexities of IPv6 and provide unparalleled visibility and data on production IPv6 networks, users, and threats.

Mandated or regulated IPv6 connectivity

Organization renumbering and re-architecting

IPv6 trials and beta-testing

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Protect your business from bad actors with CautiousConnect.